9 Best Bling Car Accessories

Bling car accessories are the best! From the hood to the trunk, cars could always use a little extra bling. Here's our top 9 that we adore! 

1. Custom Swarovski Emblem


Really boost the glam factor on any ride with a custom Swarovski emblem! When buying, the trick is to inquire about two things: the rhinestones and the glue. Swarovski rhinestones are the most brilliant, iridescent, and the best investment for rhinestones. Your custom emblem should use THE BEST adhesive, as metal (or plastic, depending on your car make and model) can be a tricky surface for your artist. Legitimate artists will provide you with a warranty of some sort, as that will prove they have done their research in adhesives and done the wear-and-tear testing that emblems demand. Please keep in mind when purchasing that emblems should withstand wear and tear including car washes, detailing, and years of wear. Artists should also be able to accommodate whatever you like (it is your car, after all!) so don't be afraid to consult on custom colors, gradients, interesting patterns, or whatever else you may desire. Your artist should create the perfect piece for your car and create the perfect Swarovski car emblem for you, whether you have a Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, Audi, Range Rover, or anything else!


2. Bling Push to Start


Bonus: This car accessory is under $10!

If you have push to start in your vehicle, add a little luxury in your interior with this bling push to start frame. This is a really cute, inexpensive way to add a little luxury to your ride! Easily install by simply peeling the adhesive and sticking in your car. 

3. Bling Cell Phone Holder 

Stay safe when you are on the road and do not text and drive. Keep your phone safe and stylish with this adorable bling cell phone holder. It makes a great rhinestone car accessory for your interior while keeping you safe and hands-free!

4. Rhinestone Rear View Mirror

Add a little extra iridescence to your view! Sparkle up your interior with this adorable rhinestone rear view mirror that's easy to install. Please make sure before purchasing that this will fit your particular make and model.

5. Swarovski License Plate Frame

The ultimate way to add some bling to your ride! Choose custom Swarovski rhinestone license plate frames. Similar to purchasing a Swarovski rhinestone car emblem, consult with your artist to make sure that they are using the correct rhinestones and an adhesive that will withstand normal wear-and-tear. License plate frames should last multiple years and your artist should provide some sort of warranty on their work. Also similar to purchasing a car emblem, your artist should accommodate whatever design you have in mind- gradient, color, text, etc. After all, it is your ride! Don't forget to bundle up two so you have one for your front as well as your rear. 😉

#6. Bling Car Charger

Keep your phone battery at 100% with this adorable bling car charger! Works in any car, and compatible with USB to charge your iPhone or Android. You can even charge two devices at once as it supports two USB's (you're welcome, BFF!). This item is handmade for people who love beautiful things and bling bling! Gorgeous small crystal decorated around, Pretty decoration for your car charger.  This unique design makes your car charger look gorgeous. And, did we mention, this makes a great gift? 

#7. Rhinestone Car Headrest Collars

The devil is in the details, right? Add some luxury that nobody else sports in their car with these stunning rhinestone car headrest collars. Even better, these come in both clear (silver) and pink! The package comes with 4 collars which will fit two seats, so if you want to make sure all of your seats match, you may need to order multiple packages. As always, please measure or inquire with the seller to make sure these will fit your car prior to ordering.

#8. Vegan Leather Bling Headrest Pillows

Luxury should be comfortable, too. Add some bling to your ride (and some comfort!) with these beautiful vegan leather bling headrest pillows. Make sure that these will match your interior and select one of the three different sizes... we prefer the smallest ones made for the headrest, but you may prefer lower back support pillows (or, hey, both! We don't judge 😉). 

#9. Rhinestone Steering Wheel Cover

Of course, keep the bling right at your fingertips with this stunning rhinestone steering wheel cover! This will fit most 15 inch steering wheels (which is the standard size), but if you have any questions about how this rhinestone steering wheel cover may fit your car, please message the seller directly.


This is our roundup for the top 9 bling car accessories! Do you have any you'd like to add? Let us know in the comments! 

DISCLAIMER: We may receive commissions from items purchased from this article through Amazon's affiliate program.