International Lovin'

SO excited that we were featured this week on international blog! She's a beautiful Swedish blogger who writes about daily life, fashion, food, and more. 


Check out the article here.


English translation: ''Etsy reminds me of Ebay. But it's more like a site where you can sell stuff you've made on your own. For example is Chloe who's designing different kind of things with tiny rhinestones and then sells them. On the picture, you can see a couple of example on what Chloe sells. The hat is on it's way to me now and I can't wait til it gets here. I mean, who doesn't like shiny Diamonds?'' 


PS: She's going to wear our BAD hat to a Miley Cyrus concert in Copenhagen!! Cant wait to see those pics! 


Follow her on instagram @sandrastjerneus and twitter @OlssonSandra!